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The firmware is the software that runs on your bracelet. For optimal performance, you should be operating on the latest firmware version. Click here for directions on how to update the firmware.

Firmware Update 1.0.48 (June 1, 2016)

Distress Messaging: There is a new procedure to trigger a distress message. This has been implemented to both simplify the process and reduce the possibility of false triggers.

  1. Rotate your wrist, so the bottom portion of your bracelet (with black box and crystal) faces directly up.
  2. When in the correct position, the LED light in the crystal will turn on RED.
  3. Hold this position for 2 seconds or until the light turns GREEN. A green light indicates the bracelet is armed.
  4. When the light is GREEN, tap your bracelet repeatedly in any position to trigger the distress message.
  5. Your breacelet will blink RED and VIBRATE to indicate you have activated Distress Mode.
  6. On your phone, the WiseWear mobile app will inform you that you are currently in Distress Mode. If you tap Cancel on the bottom of the screen within 30 seconds, then no messsage will be sent to your emergency contact(s).

Activity Tracking Improvements: The estimated distance algorithm has been improved. Please be sure to specify your corret height in the Profile section of the WiseWear app settings. Also, please be aware that a person must take at least 5 consecutive steps in order for steps to be registered.

Bracelet Battery Improvements: The bracelet will now go to sleep mode after 20 minutes of inactivity. While in sleep mode, the bracelet will appear as Disconnected on the WiseWear mobile app dashboard. The bracelet will turn back on when it is moved and automatically reconnect to the app. The LED light in the crystal will flash green once to confirm that the bracelet is awake.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT RESET PAIRING in an attempt to restore connection between your bracelet and phone.