How does the activity tracking work? What does it track?

Using the latest in ultra-small accelerometer technology and motion processing units, Socialite records your daily and weekly:

Step count
Socialite counts steps for walking, jogging, and running activities and does not require an arm swing motion to be accurate.  5 consecutive steps must be taken for the activity to be tracked.
    Distance traveled
    Distance is approximated using the average stride length of a women with the height specified in her profile.  Currently, stride length is not adjusted for activity type.
      Calories burned
      Calories burned are estimated based on active time, gender, and body weight, however can vary greatly depending on factors such as body type, metabolism, and intensity of the activity.
        Active time
        Time is accumulated only when Socialite considers you engaged in an activity such as walking or jogging.  Small bursts of motion, such as a short hand wave, or walking less than 5 consecutive steps are not considered when calculating your active time for the day. 

          On the WiseWear Socialite mobile app, you can set your activity goals and track your progress on the activity dashboard.

          Please note that you must take at least 5 consecutive steps, in order to track your activity.

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