Home / How do I set up my Socialite? (APPLE DEVICES ONLY)

Before setting up your Socialite, please make sure you are operating on the latest version of your phone's operating system, the WiseWear Socialite app, and your Socialite firmware.

To set up your Socialite, you will need your Socialite bracelet, your bracelet charger, and your iPhone on hand. We recommend that you fully charge your bracelet prior to the intitial pairing with your phone.

Once your bracelet is fully charged, remove your bracelet fromt he clip charger. Your bracelet will vibrate twice to incidate that it is ready for the initial pairing.

  1. Search for " Socialite WiseWear" on the iTunes App Store.
  2. Download and open the app.
  3. Enter your user profile information and choose up to 5 emergency contacts from your phone book. If you are unable to select your emergency contacts, your Contacts are enabled (green).
  4. Select your vibration patterns for your mobile notifications.
  5. Enter your daily activity goals. Please note that if you do not enter your activity goals during the initial setup, your activity dashboard will not update accordingly.
  6. Make sure that both your Bluetooth and bracelet are turned on (gently shake your bracelet to turn it on).
  7. Under the Change Bracelet settings, select and tap on your bracelet name, which will appear as WiseWear <your bracelet ID>.
  8. Once you are paired, your activity dashboard will appear on the screen. In the top right corner of the screen, the bracelet icon should appear with a checkmark, indicating that you are officially paired.

After you've successfully paired your bracelet with your phone, you must update the firmware:

  1. Go to your App Settings (top right corner of activity dashboard screen) and tap Firmware Update.
  2. If the status appears as "Update Available", tap the Update button to transfer new firmware to the bracelet. The progress bar will cycle once and begin to update. Please note that your phone must stay within 10 feet of the bracelet during this process.
  3. After the firmware update is complete, place the bracelet on the charger for 30 seconds and then remove. Your bracelet's status will appear as "Up to Date".
  4. Your Socialite is now ready for use!