Home / How do I charge my Socialite?

Socialite comes with a clip charger that attaches to the BRAIN (bottom portion). The clip charger may be inserted into a power outlet or USP port. To charge your bracelet, follow the instructions:

  1. Plug the charger in to a power outlet or USB port.
  2. With your bracelet sitting upright, make sure the WiseWear logo on the inner portion of the BRAIN is facing your correctly and the charging contacts (two dots) are located on the bottom left side.
  3. Push down on the clip charger to open the clamp and place the two metal pins securely over the charging contacts. Make sure the LED light on the clip charger is on.
  4. Charging Status: A. An orange light indicates that your bracelet is charging. B. A green light indicates that your bracelet is fully charged. C. No light indicates that your bracelet is not charging because the clip is not properly connected.

Note: A full charge may take up to four hours. While your bracelet is charging, it will automatically disconnect from your phone, and will not track your activity, provide mobile notifications or be able to send distress signals.